Skip the gym and hit the ice. ICE ICE CLUB brings you the coolest workout in town! Located on the most beautiful ice rink of Ice*Amsterdam at the Museumplein.

Great teamwork! Ice*Amsterdam gives ICE ICE CLUB the opportunity to provide a whole new game before regular opening hours resulting in a unique outdoor gym for all you ice skate lovers!

Ice skating has serious body-sculpting potential. It has cardiovascular benefits as it trains both your aerobic and anaerobic systems, and it’s a fantastic overall body challenge to your core, your balance, your coordination, and your posterior chain.

Also: Skaters have great butts. But the really cool thing is that the sport trains total body proprioception—the ability to sense your own body’s position, motion, and equilibrium, which means better balance and grace off the ice, too.

You can burn approximately 550 calories ice skating for one hour. Dancing burns approximately 353 calories in one hour. ICE ICE CLUB combines the best of both worlds.

See you at the rink!